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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business entities today are constantly innovating to meet their business objectives of providing essential and unique services to their customers through the Technology advances. And yet, the threats of disaster on account of business interruption do exist in fact they have also evolved along with the technology. Business interruption are relevant to every business but it is important to consider as to how much of the consequences of such interruptions can the business afford and how to mitigate the risks arising out of the same? Business Continuity Planning is the act of proactively working out a way to prevent if possible, and manage the consequences of a disaster, limiting it to the extent that a business can afford.

Enhance business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities for your virtualized infrastructure through improved and simplified BC & DR solutions from SBA. The challenge here is Continuous access to data is essential to keeping your business going. If your availability is compromised, it'll significantly impact end user costs, operational support, and bottom line revenue. User virtualization complements a Disaster Recovery strategy by ensuring that any switch in desktop or application delivery Mechanism (i.e. to a DR farm) comes complete with all the necessary user information, such as personalization settings and redirected data.

SBA BCDR Practices & Methodologies:


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