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IMS (Integrated Managed Services)

SBA offers a full suite of Infrastructure Managed Services - consulting, design, build, management and maintenance to help organizations realize the benefits as below:

  • Reduce costs and increase productivity – SBA helps clients define and implement an approach that shifts CAPEX to OPEX, optimizes existing infrastructure, frees up critical resources and reduces financial risk
  • Enable growth – SBA's IMS solutions and services help clients design and build scalable, modular infrastructure that grows along with business requirements and promotes real-time collaboration
  • Align IT with business – With a combination of technology, processes and intelligence for management of IT and non-IT assets SBA provides improved visibility, control and automation from the board room to shop floor
  • Improve end-user productivity – By creating integrated, dynamic, mobile and secure end-user environments, including virtualized environments with remote management, SBA ensures an unparalleled end-user experience
  • Mitigate risks – SBA's IMS ensures business continuity through a resilient and compliant infrastructure, speedy disaster recovery, and unmatched levels of security for any IT setup. From the core to perimeter, SBA helps clients with business-critical security and privacy needs
  • Improved service management and control – Optimise IT environments by integrating the application layer with the infrastructure layer, by implementing ITIL and service management principles
  • Enhance flexibility – To deliver the highest business value possible, SBA IMS helps clients implement dynamic infrastructures including virtualized systems, data centre consolidation, and cloud computing technologies

SBA's Integrated Managed Services delivers

  • Server, Storage & Data Management Services
  • Resiliency Services
  • Virtualized Server Recovery Services
  • Cloud / OnPrem Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Managed Email Security Services
  • Threat Analysis Services
  • Managed Web Security Services
  • Facility Management Services & Annual Maintenance Contract


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